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Project Course Innovation Management Summer Term 2023

Instructor: Marcelo de la Cruz

Assistant: Alessandra Gessl

What is this course about?

This course adresses a plethora of exciting developments in innovation management for the students to dive into in collaboration with our practice partners: BSH Hausgeräte and Accenture. Deep dives into innovative portfolio management, organizational culture, challenges in innovation adoption, innovation KPIs geared toward company aims, and incorporating the metaverse into future business practices will be part of this project course.

You will work on a unique practice-oriented research question with one of our two project partners and find managerial, practical as well as theoretical solutions for their specific problems.


The goal of this project is to analyze practical challenges and synthesize realistic theory- and research-driven solutions. This requires you to conduct empirical data collection and analysis in the form of literature reviews, interviews, and potentially others to present a workable solution to your practice partner.

How is the course conducted?

The project course will be conducted in cooperation with BSH Haushaltsgeräte and Accenture. Students will work in teams and interact with one of our partners. The course will be held in English. The grading consists of a written assignment (50%) and a presentation (50%). Details will be communicated during the kick-off.

What is the course schedule?

The schedule is subject to change; please check back often in LSF.