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Project Course Innovation Management Summer Term 2022

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Spanjol
AssistantAlessandra Gessl
                  Jan-Frederic Kuhlmann
                  Lisa Welzenbach

This course will be offered in its entirety in digital format. As of now (March 2021), no in-person classroom activities will take place for this course. Instructions on how to attend the project course meetings will be sent to all participants no later than March, 31st, 2021.

For additional information regarding the organization of teaching in the summer term, please refer to the ISC.

Please note that the course schedule is still tentative. Please check LSF for short-term announcements.

What is this course about?

The notion of "Corporate Sustainability" is becoming more and more important to firms. While the traditional purpose of doing business was to create value for a firm’s shareholders from an economic perspective, it has now moved towards creating value for all stakeholders, which also includes avoiding harm and doing good to both the environment and society. Consequently, many firms (try to) engage in numerous corporate change initiatives that are aimed at supporting corporate sustainability, which is understood and approaches in different ways. Yet many of these innovative corporate change initiatives fail, often as a result of human behavior and individual resistance to change. At the extreme, such barriers to change can block organizational change efforts. Therefore, the overarching question posed in this course is "How do we get the people in an organization to adopt innovative change initiatives aimed at corporate sustainability"? In this project course, we want to understand how firms can select suitable innovative change initiatives, support their adoption – for example through appropriate change management strategies or strategies targeted at translating behavioral intent into actions –, and how their implementation can be supported by nudging at organizational and individual levels as means to overcome resistance to change.


The goal of this project course is to understand how innovative change initiatives can be chosen, implemented, and managed in organizations as well as how the concept of nudging can be utilized to support change implementation efforts. This requires a synthesis of existing literature in the domains of corporate sustainability (with a focus on a specific change within that domain), change management, and nudging in combination with empirical explorations and validations.

How is the course conducted?

The project course will be conducted in cooperation with Loyee ( Students will work in teams and interact with our partner. The course will be held in English. The grading consists of a written assignment and a presentation. Details will be communicated during the kick-off.


20.04.2021 – 27.07.2021
For more information, please see LSF.


After the final presentation, there will be an interactive workshop with us (IIM), the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (LMU IEC), and our project partner (Loyee), which aims to provide a platform to discuss key insights gained in the course, to get to know the practice partners in more detail or to work on your personal networks. Participation in that workshop is not mandatory (i.e., part of the project course) but highly welcomed. The workshop is open to course externals, so please also feel free to invite other students that may be interested in participating in the workshop. More information and detail will be announced soon!