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Scouting in Healthcare: User Wellbeing through Services Innovation Discovery

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Spanjol
Assistant: Lisa Welzenbach
Assistant: Christopher Holfeld
Assistant: Marcelo de la Cruz

What is this course about?

How can healthcare providers and companies understand the phenomenon of patient innovativeness?

  • New solutions are being identified by patients and their social network.
  • Increasing complexity in both treatments and lived experiences.
  • Patients not satisfied nor needs met by standard, population health(standardized) treatments and solutions(point out here that performance-based models seek to apply most generalizable solutions).
  • Patients create and develop solutions and take them to market, they create communities for support and learning insights/sharing, and self-experiment to arrive at customized solutions.
Critical challenges in healthcare need to be addressed (to a large extent) by solutions within the patient, not the provider domain. Focus on five challenge domains:
  • Adherence –50% adherence overall, lack of robust and sustainable interventions, large costs
  • Empowerment –responsibilization, what healthcare providers expect, restrictions
  • Stigma –adverseeffectson employment, etc.
  • Universality –understandingishampered, across cultures and languages, population movements
  • Changing professional roles–new roles in healthcare, gig economy, etc.
What are emerging patient innovations in these five challenge domains? What underlying needs are driving patient innovativeness? What are emerging insights regarding patient innovativeness across these five challenge domains?
Now What?
  • How can healthcare providers and companies improve their innovation processes to accommodate insights from patient innovativeness?
  • What capabilities are needed?
  • What are some best practices?