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Master Seminar: "Innovating for Impact"

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Spanjol
Assistant: Lisa Welzenbach

Important Note: When choosing your seminars, please remember that you can only take one seminar in the Innovation XIV module to complete the module, as each module can only be selected once. You have to choose between the  „Seminar zu Gesundheitsökonomie und Management“ (Institut für Gesundheitsökonomie und Management im Gesundheitswesen, Prof. Dr. Reiner Leidl ) and „Innovating for Impact“ (Institut für Innovation Management, Prof. Dr. Jelena Spanjol).

What is this course about?

While new products can be exciting to customers, and organizations feel the pressure to deliver such innovations into their markets, the full impact of innovation efforts and outcomes is not always appreciated or well understood. For example, how do companies assess the impact of innovation team dynamics on creativity? How do sequences of new products impact adoption in the market? How do companies assess the social value of their innovation efforts? In this course, we will explore a set of specific research questions to shed light on these innovation issues.

What will I gain from this course?

The objective of this course is to provide students an opportunity to conduct a structured inquiry into a specific innovation-related research question, explore a particular research question in innovation management through a scientific research project, which may be empirical or conceptual in nature. Students will be instructed in the process of conducting a literature review and synthesis. Special attention will be paid to identifying theoretical and managerial contributions in the research paper and translating between managerial questions and scientific body of knowledge, writing a scientific paper, and presenting the findings. This seminar also serves as a preparation for students who are interested in writing a master thesis on topics related to innovation.

How is the course conducted?

  • You will do all of your work in English, and we will deliver all instruction in English.
  • We are following a block format for this course.
  • If you are interested in pursuing a Master Thesis at the IIM, the paper from this seminar is a prerequisite. (Please also see the guidelines for Master Theses on the ISC website).
  • To most effectively provide guidance to students, the maximum number of participants is 15.
  • Please note that attendance at all sessions (even on days when you are not scheduled to present) is mandatory.
  • Per examination guidelines, your attendance at the kick-off session makes your participation in the seminar binding.
  • Course credit: 6 ECTS
  • Examination: Presentation (15 minutes) and seminar paper (22,200 signs*). Both examination parts account for 50% of the final seminar grade.


How can I participate
You can apply until 5th April 2019, 23:59 via the application form. Additionally, please send an email to containing one combined pdf.-file (letter of motivation approx. five sentences, CV and current transcript of records/Notenspiegel). 

What is the course schedule?

All administrative information can be found in the LSF.
For more information please contact Lisa Welzenbach