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Spezialisierung und Wahlpflichtmodul: Feeding and Managing the Innovation Pipeline

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Jelena Spanjol
Assistant: Jan-Frederic Kuhlmann

For the information regarding the organization of teaching in the summer term, please refer to the ISC.

What is this course about?

How does a firm decide to develop a particular new product (manufactured good or service)? Out of all the possible new offerings, what guides management to pick one concept over another? How is the set of possible new offerings even populated? This course illuminates major associated management challenges and examines a select set of decision scenarios, focusing on practically-relevant problems and contexts.

What will I gain from this course?

In this course, students examine critical management challenges in identifying problems to solve and opportunity spaces to innovate in, as well as in populating the solution domain. Conceptual frameworks, theories, and empirical evidence are collectively analyzed towards supporting decision-making in the innovation. By the end of this course, students will have a solid understanding of key managerial challenges associated with the innovation portfolios, and will be familiar with the concepts and tools to effectively manage those challenges.

How is this course conducted?

  • You will do all of your work in English, and we will deliver all instruction in English.
  • We are following a block format for this course.
  • Course credit: 6 ECTS
  • Examination: written exam

What is the course schedule?

All administrative information can be found in the LSF.
For more information please contact Jan-Frederic Kuhlmann kuhlmann(at)

Exam registration (via LSF): TBA
Cancellation of registration:  TBA

Exam Summer Term 2022

Thursday, 30.06.2022 18:00 - 22:00 TBA


Exam inspection "Feeding and Managing the Innovation Pipeline" (FMIP) summer term 2022

Registration deadline October 24, 2022, 12PM

Dear students,

The inspection for the exam FMIP will take place on October 25, 2022, from 10:30-12h (Ludwigstraße 28, back building, 3rd floor, room 321) [in-person!].

To register for the exam inspection, please send an email to kuhlmann(at) with the following details:

Email subject: Exam inspection registration "FMIP"

Email content: matriculation number, full name, campus email address

Please note that the deadline for registering for the inspection is October 24, 2022, 12PM (no exceptions will be made).

You will receive further information regarding the concrete inspection procedure and your individual time slot no later than October 24, 2022, 3PM. Please note that other persons can only inspect your exam paper if they are authorized by you to do so. In this case, the authorized person must present a power of attorney issued by you and an identification document. Please indicate the authorized person already in the registration for the examination.

Thank you!