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Through teaching across varied audiences, we aim to disseminate cumulative and emerging knowledge in the domain of innovation and equip our learners with the necessary tools to effectively engage in innovation management.

Please follow the links for more information about current course offerings.

All courses in the comming semesters are linked to the LSF, where you can find all administrative information as well as all course material.

Bachelor courses (B.Sc.)

CourseTypeLecturerSPWECTSWinter termSummer
START with Business Planing, Bachelor students support start-ups L/P Prof. Spanjol 2/2 9 x
Bachelor Seminar: "Innovating for Organizational, Market and Societal Impact" S Prof. Spanjol 4 6 x
Bachelor Seminar: "Current Challenges in Innovation Management" S Prof. Spanjol 4 6 x
Bachelor Specialization Module: Technology & Innovation II "Managing the Front End of Innovation" L/T Prof. Spanjol 2/2 6 x

Type = Course Type (L: Lecture, T: Tutorial, S: Seminar, P: Proseminar)
SPW = Semester hours per week

Master courses (M.Sc.)

CourseTypeLecturerSPWECTSWinter termSummer term

New Products: "From Ideas to Markets" L/T Prof. Spanjol 2/4 9 (x)
Master Seminar: "Innovating for Impact" S Prof. Spanjol 4 6 x x
Master Seminar: "Empirical Research in New Product Development" S Prof. Spanjol 4 6
Master Seminar: "Social Entrepreneurship" S Prof. Spanjol 4 6 x
Project Course Innovation Management: "Scouting in Healthcare: User Wellbeing through Services Innovation Discovery P Prof. Spanjol 8 12 x

Type = Course Type (L: Lecture, T: Tutorial, S: Seminar, P: Project Course)
SPW = Semester hours per week

Courses marked with an (x) are offered (in main responsibilty) by another chair in the corresponding semester.

Note: The scope of a seminar paper relates to the number of ECTS points that can be earned for successful participation in the seminar. This scope is measured by the number of signs of the paper, including blanks. In general, the scope of a paper in a 3 ECTS-seminar constitutes 22,200 signs (approx. 10 pages, excluding figures and tables) and 44,400 signs (approx. 20 pages) for a 6 ECTS seminar. However, this guidelines is only valid for seminars, in which the seminar paper is the only examination form. When the examination form consists of more than one parts, the length of the seminar paper will be reduced accordingly. For example, if the seminar examination for a 6 ECTS-seminar consists of a presentation and a papers, each examination part accounts for 3 ECTS (50% presentation, 50% paper). In this case, the length of the seminar paper equals 22,2000 signs (3 ECTS).