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Bachelor Thesis


Please note that, due to the current circumstances and restrictions given by the Corona Virus SARS CoV-2, our proposed timelines for writing a thesis at our institute are subject to change and can be moved backwards. For further information, see the ISC website.

Important Deadlines *

Application Allocation Registration (ISC) Colloquium** Submission (ISC)
15.07.-08.08.2019 09.08.2019 23.08.2019 KW 38 18.10.2019
01.10.-10.10.2019 11.10.2019 25.10.2019 KW 47 20.12.2019
16.03.-20.03.2020 27.03.2020 09.04.2020 KW 19 04.06.2020

* Please note that these deadlines are tentative and subject to change.

**The date of the Colloquium is conditional and will be confirmed after the registration.

Admission requirements

  • Passed seminar(s) and/or lectures at the IIM
  • Passed “Vertiefung der Betriebswirtschaftslehre” (Bachelor)
  • Particular interest in and across the fields of innovation

Further details can be found in the specific examination regulations of your studies (ISC). Recent capacities of the institute determine the number of applicants for a final thesis.


1. Ideation & Admin

  • Choice: before contacting, think about a topic that is relevant and relates to innovation management
  • Application: Apply online and provide your documents.
  • Allocation: Your application is then allocated and evaluated by the academic staff.
  • Result: Within one week, you receive a note of acceptance or refusal, respectively.

2. Prototyping

  • Exposé: If positive, you are asked to write and hand in an Exposé
  • Approval: After the supervisor approved the Exposé, Professor Spanjol will revise and approve the topic within three weeks.
  • Registration: Your topic will be registered at the ISC. This opens the time frame to write your thesis (8 weeks, 22 weeks for master thesis)

3. Research

  • Exchange: contact your supervisor at her/his business hours
  • Colloquium: presenting your topic at the Institute’s Colloquium to get further feedback
  • Submission: requested to observe the rules postulated by the ISC and hand in your thesis independently and on time

Exam Specifications

  • English language for Colloquium and Thesis

Further details can be found in the specific examination regulations of your studies (ISC).

Management - European Triple Degree (Master)

Please contact for further information.