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Master Thesis

As a business administration student at the LMU, you have the possibility of writing your Master thesis at our institute. We offer three application slots during the year (see schedule below).

Admission Requirements

The number of thesis students for supervision depends on the available capacity at IIM. We are able to consider students for supervision who meet the following requirements: Passed project course or seminar(s) and lectures at the IIM.

Application Process

The theses (topic and supervisor) are assigned after application within the stated deadlines. Please apply online and provide your topic preference (see list below).

Once you have completed the online application, please send the following documents to iim(at) as one PDF: short letter of motivation, CV and transcript of records.

The date of registration with the ISC starts the clock on the 22 weeks to write your thesis.

Please be aware that you are expected to write your thesis in English and to conduct research of empirical nature (e.g. data collection, experiments, database research, etc.). Research topics will be selected and defined in close collaboration with your thesis supervisor.

You will present a progress report on your thesis work mid-way through the 22 weeks, where you will receive feedback and guidance on content- and process-related aspects of the thesis in progress.

Schedule 2023/2024



Confirmation and

Registration (ISC)


Submission thesis (ISC)

22 weeks after Registration

at the latest on

03.04.2023 10.-14.04.2023 17.-28.04.2023 21.07.2023 (09:00-15:00) 29.09.2023
18.09.2023 02.-06.10.2023 09.-13.10.2023 10.01.2024 (09:00-15:00) 15.03.2024
20.12.2023 08.-12.01.2024 15.-19.01.2024 12.04.2024 (09:00-15:00) 21.06.2024
25.03.2024 08.-12.04.2024 15.-19.04.2024 12.07.2024 (09:00-15:00) 20.09.2024
16.09.2024 30.09.-04.10.2024 07.-11.10.2024 13.01.2025 (09:00-15:00) 14.03.2025
23.12.2024 06.-10.01.2025 13.-17.01.2025 11.04.2025 (09:00-15:00) 20.06.2025


The Institute for Innovation Management offers master theses in the following topics. These topics are updated regularly. You will be asked to indicate your topic preference(s) during the application procedure.

Title: How far can AI take us? Validating research with a little help from our (artificial) friends

Topic Description: Generative AI has the potential to drastically influence research processes, even those that have a long tradition of human-centricity such as qualitative inquiries. The true potentials, pitfalls, and use cases are slowly coming to light, making this an exciting, experimental, exploratory thesis that contributes to the discussion of highly contested methodological unknowns. The aims of this thesis are a) to experiment with gen AI as analysis tools (e.g., ChatGPT, MAXQDA, Atlas.ti,…), b) to explore how results generated with and without AI differ, c) to further compare found results with ones from an ongoing research project, and d) to propose best practices for the use of gen AI in qualitative research.
Hitch, Danielle, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augmented Qualitative Analysis: The Way of the Future? (May 17, 2023). Hitch, D. (2023). Artificial Intelligence Augmented Qualitative Analysis: The Way of the Future? Qualitative Health Research. .
Morgan, D. L. (2023). Exploring the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Qualitative Data Analysis: The Case of ChatGPT. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 22.


Title: The heartbeat of entrepreneurship - unveiling the passion, values, and challenges that fuel ventures

Topic Description: While success is often a metric of entrepreneurship, understanding the role of passion beyond traditional success metrics is equally important. This master thesis aims to conduct a qualitative study through in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs, exploring how passion shapes their experiences, contributes to personal fulfillment, aligns with their values, and navigates challenges, irrespective of conventional success measures.


Title: Mapping knowledge transfer: An analysis of research trends in the knowledge transfer literature

Topic Description: Acknowledged as a primary driver for innovation (de Wit-de Vries et al., 2019), the transfer of university research has sparked heightened academic interest in exploring its diverse transfer channels (Perkmann et al., 2021). In the face of emerging fields and expanding scientific literature, computational literature reviews have gained traction as a means to dissect research domains (Antons et al., 2023). Thus, the aim of this master’s thesis is to conduct a bibliometric analysis of research articles using methods such as topic modelling to highlight evolving trends within the expansive field of knowledge transfer literature.


Title: Leading innovation: The relationship between corporate board and firm innovation strategies and outcomes

Topic Description: : The board of director (BOD), serving as a firm’s ultimate decision-making authority, is selected by its shareholders to safeguard their interests and oversee the conduct of top management. Extant research has documented the role of BOD in shaping firms’ innovation behaviors, such as their innovation investments. The aim of this thesis is to explore the link between a firm’s BOD characteristics (e.g., functional experience of the board members) and its innovation strategies and outcomes. Based on existing literature, you will develop and empirically test specific hypotheses using a sample of U.S. firms.


Last updated: December 20th, 2023, 10:00 am. Information subject to change.

Further details can be found in the specific examination regulations of your studies and exam organization at the ISC website.

Management - European Triple Degree (Master)

Please contact with Cc to the IIM office for further information.

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