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Our institute explores the dynamics of change by investigating how new solutions are created, managed, and adopted. Our research follows a process of building and empirically testing conceptual frameworks and models that advance theory and generate clear implications for managers, consumers, policy makers, and other stakeholders.


 Overview of research

Our research domains:

  • Innovation & Organizations: In this domain, we focus on how firms decide on and implement innovation strategies. This encompasses questions such as how to integrate AI into new solutions, how to leverage (big) data in innovation, how to organize the innovation function, or how to manage multidisciplinary teams involved in innovation.
  • Innovation & Markets: Market actors are critical to innovation performance. We examine the dynamics of co-creation among different actors, product category dynamics, and innovation in service systems.
  • Innovation & Society: Innovation happens within a broader context. Our research addresses questions such as: How is innovation shaped by societal factors? What is the social impact of innovation? How can non-financial returns to innovation be conceptualized and measured? Who carries what responsibilities in innovation efforts and systems?
  • Innovation & Health: Of particular interest are innovation dynamics in the healthcare domain. Questions include: What roles do patients and their caregivers play in innovation? Can novel service design contribute to well-being in healthcare? How can innovative healthcare interventions contribute to adherence?