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Unintended Effects of Planning in Goal Striving: Substitution and Amplification

Authors/Editors: Tam, L.
Spanjol, J.
Rosa, J.A.
Published: 2014
Type: Articles in Books and Non-Refereed Journals
ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-765-64455-8
Published by: Bernd Schmitt and Leonard Lee (eds.): The Psychology of the Asian Consumer. Society for Consumer Psychology. New York, NY: Routledge, 33-39

Why is it important to conduct research on the psychology of the Asian consumer? What research themes have already emerged? What are the relevant theories and practical applications based on this research? These are some of the questions and issues addressed in this unique book. With chapters written by experts in their field, The Psychology of the Asian Consumer highlights how consumer psychology can contribute to an understanding of Asian consumer behaviour and is especially timely in light of today's global economy and its focus on the Pacific Rim. Chapters are organised around the key concepts of theory and culture and include numerous case studies and practical applications. The book focuses on research summaries that provide readers with important, need-to-know information.