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Test run for digital exam "Managing the Front End of Innovation"


Dear students,

On Wednesday, December 16th, 2020, at 3 pm (15:00 Uhr), you will have the possibility to do an exam test run (with a general exam, i.e., that is not connected to the FEI content!!!). The purpose is to familiarize yourself with the (technical) process associated with digital exams. In case you have any (technical) difficulties during the test exam, please consult the Zoom support room (as it would be the case in a "real" digital exam). Please carefully read the digital exam instructions provided by the ISC before taking the test exam:

We recommended participating in the test run if you have not participated in a digital exam yet. If you want to participate send an email to Welzenbach(at) until Friday, December 11th at 4 pm:

  • Subject heading: Participation in the exam test run
  • Content: Your full name + campus-mail address