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Re-take exam „Managing the Front End of Innovation“ – Summer term 2021


Dear students,

The re-take exam for the course "Managing the Front End of Innovation" will take place on June 24th, 2021 from 4-6 pm (16:00-18:00). As in the winter term 2020/21, the exam will be held digitally. Regarding the content of the re-take exam, please refer to the lecture and tutorial material discussed in the winter term 2020/21 (LSF and LMUCast).

Please note that you have to register for the exam via LSF to participate. Without timely registration, you cannot take part in the exam!

  • Registration period: 03.05.2021 – 10.06.2021
  • Cancellation period: 03.05.2021 – 17.06.2021