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Additional information for students participating in the test exams for "Managing the Front End of Innovation" and "Feeding and Managing the Innovation Pipeline"

The test exam takes place on June 17th, 2020


Dear students,

this is a short reminder that the test runs for the digital exams "Managing the Front End of Innovation" and "Feeding and Managing the Innovation Pipeline" takes place on June 17th, 2020. The exam will start at 2 pm (14:00). If you want to participate in this test run, please make sure to register for it (see previous news announcement for details).

Please read the instructions regarding digital exams on the ISC website carefully:

There will be an online support opportunity in form of a Zoom support room that you can consult in case you have any difficulties with the exam (both for the test run as well as for the actual exam). The link to this support room can be found on the ISC website.

Please also make sure that you have installed the right software for taking the exam, which is dependent on your operating system. Also, ensure to de-activate the forwarding of mails from your campus account to your private account and that your campus account has sufficient storage. Again, please carefully read the instructions provided by ISC to familiarize yourself with all details.

In case you don’t receive the exam instructions 30 minutes before the exam start, please consult the Zoom support room for further assistance.

Thanks for your help.