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Guest Lecture by Dr. Manuel Schneider, BMW, on "Innovation Ownership and Governance"


As part of the course "Managing the Front End of Innovation (B.Sc.)", Dr. Manuel Schneider (Manager, Business Model Innovation, BMW) gave a guest lecture on November 17th, 2020 on managing ownership at the front end of innovation. After speaking to the role of radical innovation at BMW, he described and explained how BMW organizes for radical innovation, deploying various open innovation approaches. Ultimately, the BMW Accelerator was introduced to address the human side of innovation ownership at BMW. We thank Dr. Manuel Schneider for a very interesting and engaging presentation! The students further benefited from hearing insights on radical innovation at BASF from Dr. Henrik Fälsch, whom Dr. Schneider engaged in the guest lecture.

Thank you for an excellent contribution!

Guest Lecture by Dr. Manuel Schneider