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Exam Registration and Information - Managing the Front End of Innovation


Dear Students,

The exam registration period for the course "Managing the Front End of Innovation" is already open. Please make sure to register for the exam. Since the exam is a digital one, it is indispensable to register for the exam via LSF. Without registration, you will not receive the exam on the exam day and not be able to take the exam. As the organization of digital exams requires extensive preparation by both the institutes and the ISC, no late registrations will be accepted.

Registation period: 23.11.2020 – 28.12.2020
Cancellation period: 23.11.2020 – 04.01.2021

The exam will take place on January 11th, from 4-6 pm (16:00-18:00). Please carefully read the instructions for digital exams provided by ISC.

Please note that open-Book exams must be completed independently and without the help or participation of others. During an exam, the candidates' own examination files may not be made available to or passed on to other persons. However, the use of aids such as literature, scripts, sets of slides, or own notes is permitted during open-book exams. Cooperation with other persons during an open-book exam violates academic integrity and is deceptive. The corresponding exam is rated as "failed" (5.0) and will be flagged as "deception".

The Examination Board for Economics Exams has determined that in case of deception the transcript "List of passed Credit Courses" will no longer be available for affected students from winter term 2020/2021 on. In the case of severe or repeated cheating, students may also be excluded from taking single or all further exams in accordance with § 30, paragraph 3 of the applicable examination and study regulations; in the latter case, the student will be de-registered in accordance with Art. 49, paragraph 2, no. 3 BayHSchG

Please make sure that you de-activate the forwarding function of your campus-mail account and that you have sufficient storage available for receiving emails (as the exam instructions will be sent to your campus-mail account). Also, make sure that you adhere to the technical requirements! We further recommend participating in the text exam provided by ISC (also to be found under the link above) to familiarize yourself with the procedure of digital exams.

Thank you!