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New Book: "Leveraging Constraints for Innovation"

Co-edited by Prof. Dr. Spanjol "Leveraging Constraints for Innovation" represents the third volume in the series New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA.


The book develops a framework of individual, organizational, and market constraints that guides managers in identifying specific constraints related to their innovation activities and provides them with corresponding tools and practices to overcome and leverage those constraints. It is an ideal book for all product development professionals, including marketers, engineers, project managers, and business managers in both startups and well-established firms, and from a broad range of industries from heavy manufacturing to the service sector.

Written by a team of international innovation experts, Leveraging Constraints for Innovation:

  • Is a single comprehensive volume that covers the full spectrum of constraint-related strategies and techniques in a coherent, integrated fashion
  • Provides a set of frameworks, techniques, and tools that can be immediately implemented by individuals across firms
  • Offers how-to knowledge on specific tools and methods as applied to innovating products and services when facing constraints as well as for the development of new business models
  • Integrates problem- and solution-based knowledge to enable companies to develop sustainable growth strategies by leveraging constraints and restrictions toward innovation strategies, processes and offerings